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Lynn C. Thompson, Esq.


California and Nevada

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Resolve your dispute outside of the courtroom in a confidential setting.

Lynn will explain the mediation process and work with you to find a faster, more affordable and far more efficient solution to your dispute or legal problem. You will work with those involved in your dispute in an informal and comfortable setting. Lynn will personally mediate your conflict and help you find a way to reach an agreement.

About Lynn

Lynn C. Thompson, Esq.


– Active Member of State Bar of Nevada since 1994
– Active Member of the State Bar of California since 1982

– Certified Mediator in California and Nevada since 2013

– Mediator for the Nevada Supreme Court Juvenile Dependency Mediation Panel since 2016

– Mediator for the Reno Justice Court Mediation Program; volunteer for the Neighborhood Mediation Center
– Appointed to the Federal District Court Inmate Mediation Program


Lynn's Profile

Lynn is an experienced and certified mediator in California and Nevada. After representing plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation matters for more than 30 years, Lynn now focuses on mediation as an alternative to litigation for dispute resolution. Lynn thoroughly enjoys working with parties outside of the courtroom to create solutions for resolving conflict.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Lynn attended U.C. Berkeley where she earned her undergraduate degree in Politics and Public Relations. She also attended U.C. Berkeley’s Study Abroad Program in Aix-en-Provence, a small university town in the South of France.

After graduating, while living and working in Washington DC, Lynn decided to pursue her law degree. Lynn returned to California and attended the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, in Sacramento. After graduation from McGeorge, Lynn looked forward to returning to Europe with the McGeorge International Law program in Salzburg, Austria. This program included a very challenging internship in Paris with the international oil company,“Total”.

Shortly after returning to San Francisco from Paris, Lynn accepted a job in Las Vegas to work on the MGM Grand Hotel Fire case.The MGM experience launched Lynn’s legal career in civil litigation. Lynn returned to San Francisco where she continued to focus on insurance defense litigation with Fisher & Hurst and Cooper, Brown & Scharf.

Ten years later, in 1992, Lynn returned to Nevada after marrying her husband and law school classmate, Frank Thompson. Lynn continued her insurance defense practice and also worked with Frank representing plaintiffs in personal injury actions.
Understanding both sides of a case prompted Lynn to pursue her career in mediation.

Lynn completed Mediation Training at McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento and the University of Nevada,Reno in 2013. Lynn volunteers with the Neighborhood Mediation Center where she regularly mediates with the Reno Justice Court Mandatory
Mediation Program. Lynn also serves on the Federal District Court Early Inmate Panel to mediate civil rights complaints filed by inmates; and Lynn was trained and selected in 2016 for the Nevada Supreme Court Juvenile Dependency Mediation Panel, a statewide program created to bring Dependency Mediation to every judicial district in Nevada.

Lynn will take the time to explain the mediation process and work with you to resolve disputes relating to the following matters: contracts, real property claims, boundary disputes, easements, insurance claims, personal injury, landlord- tenant, family and estate matters relating to trusts and estate distributions and more.

Why Mediate?

You are the decision-maker, not the attorneys or the judge. You will control the outcome. Lynn will help you schedule the date and time for the mediation. You will explore options to solve the issues through voluntary and confidential discussions. The parties are encouraged to speak and to listen to each other. All parties will be given the opportunity to be heard knowing that the required signed confidentiality agreement protects the discussions from being disclosed outside of the mediation. Court and arbitration proceedings are rarely confidential.

Many disputes are resolved in a single day of mediation. Some require only 3-5 hours, or less, to reach and prepare a final agreement.

“You provide such a valuable service to the world…I am truly grateful.”


“It is such a relief to know that someone cares… and has the knowledge, time and patience to help.”


“The best part of our mediation was our mediator!”


Benefits of Mediation


Mediation is more cost-effective than litigation. When you choose to use a professional mediator, you are choosing a far less expensive and faster way of resolving your dispute.


Mediation gives you the opportunity to create your own solution. You will work with Lynn to find a way to resolve your dispute. There will be no order or decision imposed upon you by an arbitrator, Judge, or other third party. People who choose to negotiate their own settlements control the outcome.


The mediation process is confidential and does not become a public record. The mediator and the parties are bound by the confidentiality agreement. This encourages the parties to discuss information and options which cannot be used against them in any other proceeding.


Mediation is a very effective and empowering process which allows individuals to settle their disputes confidentially in a non-adversarial setting. Mediation opens pathways for communication and mutual respect which allows the parties to put the conflict behind them, heal the divide and move forward. Mediation is an alternative to litigation and is particularly useful for parties who want or need to continue to have a relationship in the future.

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